Capgemini report assesses green credentials of major IT manufacturers

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With the IT industry responsible for 2% of global CO2 output, the equivalent to that of the aviation industry, IT companies are coming under increasing pressure to define a “sustainability” or “green” policy across all areas of their business. There is also an increasing amount of European legislation in this area but no standard scale by which IT equipment manufacturers can be measured and compared.

With that in mind, Capgemini is today releasing, The Green IT Report 2008 – The Computer Equipment Lifecycle Survey’, which examines the green credentials of major hardware manufacturers, outlining how the corporate world has responded to these pressures:

Partners surveyed in the report include EMC, HP, IBM and Sun Microsystems. Google, though not a HW manufacturer was also reviewed and Intel provided valuable insights. Each company was assessed according to its commitment to conduct business fairly, reasonably and with consideration for the planet, its environment, natural resources and people.

The report shows that businesses are adopting a range of initiatives designed to make themselves more environmentally friendly including the reuse of materials, waste recycling, using renewable energies and taking back packaging after removal. Manufacturers are also increasingly looking to incorporate what happens throughout a product’s lifecycle.

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