Capgemini receives SAP Pinnacle Award 2010 for “Business Suite 7 Adoption Partner” and “Communities Leader”

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Patrick Nicolet, Head of the Capgemini Technology Services Unit in Northern & Central Europe says: “For Capgemini, the Pinnacle Awards are an indication that our far reaching collaboration with SAP brings significant benefits for our joint clients: taking advantage of leading edge technologies paired with innovative services are key drivers to deliver flawlessly the business impact expected by our Clients”.

Over the course of the past five years Capgemini was awarded four times with a SAP Pinnacle Award which demonstrates the long lasting, strong and successful relationship with the German headquartered Software power house.

“The award for ‘Business Suite 7 Adoption’ fully recognizes our capabilities to drive innovative solutions successfully into the market with high client satisfaction. As one of only four global launch partners of SAP’s Business Suite 7, Capgemini succeeded with the first live CRM 7.0 customer in the US six weeks after the launch of the new platform.

Furthermore, the award honors also Capgemini’s newly developed, packaged services based on SAP’s latest platform which we offer as SAP Lifecycle Services. This is a unique Capgemini solution which allows our joint clients to deploy enhanced SAP functionality in an evolutionary way at fixed costs with a pre-determined ROI”, says Renate Radon, Global SAP Alliance Executive at Capgemini.

And further she comments on the Communities award: “It’s a great honor to receive this award twice in a row and it shows how Capgemini consistently strives for leading edge technology and innovation both externally and internally. SAP’s communities are a unique platform for us to share, collaborate, improve and innovate around SAP’s solutions to the benefit of our joint clients.”

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