Are governments keeping up with the times?

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In an article, published in Financial Times, G. Colclough raises the question
of whether policy makers are ready to deal with the rapid population growth.

“While people may be the key driver behind the problem, IT can play an important
role in addressing these challenges, particularly in the area of public services
delivery”, suggests the author.

According to Colclough, despite acceptance about the role that IT must play in
changing the current delivery techniques, public services are not adapting quickly
enough. Too few leaders are responding with bravery or at pace, and there is a
lack of collaborative leadership, which is a requirement for the delivery of more
efficient joined-up multi-agency services, the article says.

The author considers that nowadays people are losing faith in the relevance of
national policies and in the capacity of governments to fix the issues we face.  According to him, the model has to be ‘turned on its head”, by giving accountability
for the information to the customer, which will result in more engaged customer
and more efficient, and effective system.

    “A new relationship needs to develop between users and the public sector which
can be brought about through the use of ICT as real driver of service transformation”,
concludes Colclough.

Discover the full FT’s article.

Graham Colclough is also the author of the Capgemini research named ‘Twin Challenges’
available here.

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