New ways
to scale your
business globally

A strengthened global presence, increased agility and enriched value. This isn’t just what we are as one company but what we offer your business.

New ways
to power your business with technology

Present in over 40 countries and with an increased global team of 180,000 we serve every corner of world. With our collaborative business experience, we offer you a unique way of working with new and leading technology providers.

Discover new ways to improve your performance, overall competitive positioning and drive a momentum of continuous growth

New ways
to empower your clients with digital and cloud

Bringing over 50,000 specialists focused on North America, our expertise and agility lets you assess, develop and master your digital and cloud journey. Already delivering over 4000 scalable cloud projects, including all-cloud strategy and Cloud Choice, businesses have reduced costs, improved flexibility and exploited the full potential of cloud to scale.

Discover new ways to harness the energy of the digital age and sync your business to the pulse of success

New ways to innovate
in your industry

We are transforming over 2/3* of the top global players in Banking and Insurance, 27 of the 30 world’s largest consumer products companies and 27 of the 30 leading retailers. Obtain the best and latest solutions using cutting-edge of technology, such as ClientAssist, our mobile clienting application, to transform your business.

Discover new ways to deliver stronger leadership and business solutions in your sector

* Based on identification from the Forbes Global 2000 for 2014

New ways
to accelerate your
business growth

Launching the 1st applied innovation global network to fast-track change, our tried and tested framework helps you to discover, devise, deploy and sustain new ideas, insights, solutions and value for your enterprise. We have already delivered hundreds of solutions to major national and international companies to accelerate their business growth.

Discover new ways to become proficient in applied innovation to scale for enhanced business impact

New ways
to be the you
you want to be

Empowering nearly 100,000 people in India supporting over 40 countries, these talents not only live and breathe our 7 values, Honesty, Boldness, Trust, Freedom, Solidarity, Modesty and Fun but are also growing and developing every day thanks to leadership programs and other trainings.

Discover new ways to fast track your career through leadership programs with better opportunities suited to the way you wish to evolve