Julie Buard

We are in an exciting time where many firms are starting to realize that data can be leveraged to better understand their business and help their decision making process.

What drives me to work

Being a data scientist in a consulting firm is an exciting challenge as it involves bringing new processes into an already existing consulting service. Being able to turn applied math, statistic and modeling into a business improvement tool for a client is a real driver! So many clients have data, often even well-structured databases. Every morning I have the opportunity to convince my clients to build predictive models as a way to improve their business understanding and derive business value. I strongly believe in the value of data science so every day is a chance for me to try to bring that tool to more people!

My usual work day

We work as a team, and closely with the client to understand their business. Based on their current stage of maturity with respect to data and modeling, we walk them along the journey of building a model that brings data understanding and prediction to solve some of their daily uncertainty or issues and help them to optimize their processes.
Data is messy and noisy, and being able to model behavior that is most often complex by nature is a constant challenge. Keeping the client onboard with applying an agile process and not being afraid of the uncertain journey of data iteration is an exciting task.

Skils to be a Data Scientist

Scientific honesty, a good statistical background, basic open source programming language skills and most of all a curiosity and desire to always keep learning and follow this constantly evolving area.

My Aim

My aim is to convey the imperativeness to invest in a complex process around math and stats to different stakeholders. However, by building a scalable and on-measure scientific process, I aim to highlight the business value, action and insights.

Overcoming Challenges at work

Now that data science and machine learning are buzz words, many firms are starting to realize that value can come from data, and they want to start leveraging it. Capgemini helps us by listening to our daily challenges and trying to improve our data science framework to make sure we adapt the SOW to the specific needs and constraints.
We have to make sure we build contracts that are answering the clients needs while ensuring proper statistical model building. Capgemini helps us to encourage the client to work more in the long-term, rely less on the comfort of a software-based solution, and take the necessary time to build an open source and free solution. Our job as data scientists is to help the client remember that “No model is perfect” and that “garbage in, garbage out.”

What motivates me?

The diversity of the clients.

How Capgemini empowers me?

Capgemini empowers me to improve our process and SOW design to adapt them to the specificity of our line of work. In addition to this I also get to contribute in other important functional decisions.

What makes me Proud?

We were able to deliver a very successful POC for a leader in agribusiness. We had to work with evolved data science technics for a client in their highly advanced R&D team. Our model involved satellite data, high statistical methods and obtained very promising results. Some time after, in a summit in NY on Artificial Intelligence, a head data scientist from our client firm presented the topic of the model we worked on. Being able to merge temporal and geospatial data to create meaningful business insight made us proud of our data scientist team work, especially when hearing about it in a NYC summit!

Why Capgemini?

We are in an exciting time where many firms are starting to realize that data can be leveraged to better understand their business and help their decision making process.
Buzz words like machine learning, big data are omnipresent however not all the firms are at a stage of maturity of the Sillicon Valley! Thus being a data scientist and a consultant at Capgemini is an opportunity to help firms transition into the data industry while maintaining their business model strength. The diversity of the clients, industry sectors and projects allow us, as Capgemini data scientists, to constantly learn and improve our craft.

Career Advice

Be curious and ready to learn new programming language and modelling tools! You have to like scientific honesty and review your stats from undergraduate and graduate school in order to deploy them for real case study. Thanks to open source, you can learn and practice in many well-designed online courses like codeacademy, Kaggle competitions or EdX and online MOOC from the best universities. Our data science team is always looking for talented and business-oriented problem solvers so if you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact our team!