Protecting revenue leakage with Fraud Analytics

Fraud is a billion-dollar business

Most organizations are impacted by fraud, whether deliberately by criminal fraudsters and miscreant employees, or inadvertently through genuine errors. With the increased use of digital technologies to collect and record revenues, fraud is growing year on year.

No organization can be complacent about revenue leakage and criminal behavior; they need to stay one step ahead on the digital curve to win the digital fraud war. Fraud analytics, in particular, are a critical weapon in fighting digital fraud and money laundering and are at the heart of a comprehensive approach to protecting revenues and avoiding leakage.

Tax fraud in the Public Sector

Digital is transforming the way in which we interact with each other. It has profound implications for how we do business and the way that governments and citizens interact. But digitization also comes with a word of caution. While digital offers many benefits, the move to online delivery opens up tax and welfare agencies to the risk of criminal attack from anywhere in the world – particularly around ID theft and fraudulent repayment claims.

Capgemini’s solutions, based on SAS technology, help organizations to achieve the goals of increased compliance, prevention of improper payments and reduction in errors, more effectively than ever. Analytics are at the heart of this approach and are proving to be a powerful weapon in the fight against digital fraud.

In our report Taming Tax Fraud’s New Digital Frontier: What Can Tax Authorities Do to Take On Fraudsters and Win, we believe that tax authorities must take a more exhaustive, multi-step approach to harness the full potential of analytics, ranging from social network analysis, anomaly detection, through to upstream predictive analytics.

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Fraud in Financial Services

In the digital age, the implications of financial crime against banks and other financial services institutions have become ever more significant. Fraud prevention now represents one of the biggest areas of concern for the financial services industry and is likely to become one of the largest drivers of IT expenditure in the coming years.

An effective fraud management system is essential for financial institutions. Failure in this area brings financial, reputational, and punitive risks. The right fraud solution can deliver huge benefits across the business – driving down costs and risks, improving customer satisfaction and enabling innovation.

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