The ability to deliver the right product, to the right place, at the right time is critical to automotive companies and can be a key competitive differentiator. Capgemini has developed an order-to-delivery framework that can make the difference.

Transform Your Order-to-Delivery for Success

Many automotive companies are finding it increasingly difficult to fulfill their commitments to their customers and suppliers. They are also aware that their order-to-delivery processes have cost disadvantages compared to those of competitors.

Transforming the order-to-delivery process presents a solution. Capgemini’s order-to-delivery framework provides a starting point from which to drive process models quickly, as well as information technology requirements and solution architectures. This framework encompasses:

  • Product definition/PLM and planning and forecasting
  • Product offering and revenue management
  • Demand sensing and order management/scheduling
  • Supplier-oriented functions like material supply chain, factory and logistics

From Strategy to Tactics

Capgemini’s approach to order-to-delivery transformation focuses on both strategic and tactical streams.

Our strategic transformation activities cover:

  • Solutions/technical architecture
  • Business process, practice and policy
  • Strategic organizational change management
  • Data management

These tactical transformation activities have the potential to deliver immediate gains and benefits, including:

  • Process validation pilots/quick wins
  • 6 Sigma
  • Focused organizational change management

Capgemini’s Deep Order-to-Delivery Experience

At Capgemini, we have worked successfully with numerous global companies, such as Ford, Renault/Nissan, Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Honda, among others.

We have participated in industry research initiatives, such as the ‘3 Day Car’ program, in collaboration with Cardiff Business School, and have also developed our Adaptive Automotive Enterprise Model (AAEM).

Alongside SAP, we have worked to leverage the AAEM to extend the SAP Automotive solution. Capgemini’s proprietary Accelerated Solutions Environment (ASE) provides an ideal setting to work through the complex considerations involved in an order-to-delivery transformation.


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