Covid-19 has changed distribution models compelling insurers to adopt digital technology to cater to a “phygital2phygital” engagement models for agent, brokers for customer reach. Furthermore, insurers are leveraging technology, AI and data for human engagement and hyper personalization

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the current insurance distribution models. Insurers must now ensure convenience along with reach by leveraging digital channels yet, retain the human touch – personal advice.

They have recognized the need to reinvent the operating ecosystem and develop ‘Phygital2Phygital’ engagement models for agents and brokers, especially in the life insurance space.

Thus, insurers have started taking steps to fast track channel digitization and enhance sales effectiveness by harnessing the power of technology to empower human engagement.  

  • AI and Data is being leveraged to personalize customer engagement and augment value-add in customer journeys.
  • Insurers are also expanding the distribution ecosystem to include new intermediaries by orchestrating/participating in new digital distribution platforms.

As an end-to-end provider of business and IT consulting services to the insurance industry, Capgemini leverages global insights to deliver tangible value to life and annuities customers.  Our professionals are well versed with the changing landscape, challenges of emerging technologies and the need to be agile in this evolving world.

Capgemini solutions and accelerators help insurers improve profitability and enable business agility with proven services, that span across the life insurance value chain from new business underwriting, policy administration, to claims. All Capgemini solutions are designed to easily integrate into the insurer’s IT ecosystem, swiftly and with low impact to business as usual operations.

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