Using Micro Data and the Capgemini XIoT to monitor and deploy services for Pharmaceuticals and Biotech

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One manufacturer saw an opportunity to use the Internet of Things (IoT) to get closer to customers and better understand how their products are used.

A global manufacturer of precision fluid monitoring systems for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries saw an opportunity to use emerging IoT technologies to re-connect with customers and develop a better understanding of how their micropipettes were used.

A Capgemini Intel solution architecture based on the xIoT platform connects to the public cloud and aggregates data from sensors on the micropipettes to extract and push insights to distributor maintenance technicians via a tablet-based application. The technology offers leading performance and security for intelligence at the edge, enabling near real-time analysis and tighter, more efficient process controls, while reducing data transmission costs.

Besides maintenance improvement and product modernisation, the connected micropipettes platform also improves the client’s competitiveness by exploiting XIoT technologies and establishes a platform on which it can continue to develop and deploy new tools and services.

Want to find out more about how Capgemini’s Smart Services and XIoT platform can transform your business?

Please contact:

Philippe Ravix, Europe and Asia Pacific Smart Services / XIoT Global Solutions

Genevieve Chamard, North America and Latin America Smart Services / XIoT Sales Enablement

Charles Cote, North America and Latin America Smart Services / XIoT Solution Architect

For more information about Capgemini Smart Services solutions, please visit:

Internet of Things – Smart Services

Using The Capgemini XIoT...

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