Insurance Connect

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Capgemini’s cloud-based “Insurance Connect” enables Insurance carriers to achieve their business goals, by providing holistic solutions / offerings that bring the powerful core system capabilities associated with the internal and external services over, the AWS cloud.

Our solutions / offerings allow you to focus on the business of insurance to drive brand value and differentiation. It helps carriers:

  • Accelerate product speed to markeImprove customer service
  • Reduce operating costs
  •  Increase processing throughput
  • Auto scale based on the demand
  • Automatic upgrade to the latest version of the products and out of the box futures
  • Eliminates the constraints on the IT Resources
  • Continuous support to deliver enhancements or new offerings

This is a unique subscription-based solution designed for P&C carriers, hosted by Capgemini in AWS cloud environment, and pre-configured for common lines of business. The solution / offering enables insurance carriers to migrate their existing business or create new products in a very quick and cost-effective way. Italso reduces the long-term costs that come along with upgrades, maintenance of legacy systems. This offering is underpinned by a strong Program management, Organization change management and Operations team of Capgemini, that help to achieve both business and IT goals of the Insurance carrier.

Capgemini’s Insurance Connect solution provides rapid access to market-leading technical capabilities with a low cost of entry and at scale. This gives insurers a solid foundation to develop more impactful services around digital and analytics that create immediate value to the business. Paired with Capgemini’s proven Rightshore® delivery model and a compelling economic model, our solution creates a leverage point that many carriers do not have today.

Capgemini’s Insurance Connect is part of our Ready2Series for Insurance carriers.


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