Device as a Service

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Subscription model delivers flexibility and agility to hardware

63% of IT Managers say their resources are drained by device management and they would prefer to focus on more strategic IT projects.

It is time to think differently about your devices.

Netflix and Spotify have disrupted way content is consumed with their subscription-based models. And the trend is spreading to more industries, including smart-devices and computers.

Starting from acquisition to management to usage, a DaaS arrangement handles devices from the time they enter your workplace until they reach end-of-life and exit the premises.

DaaS by Capgemini and HP offers the current technology you need, sourced for you, with the managed services and consulting that keeps everything running and secured for a set monthly fee. Read our paper to discover how DaaS can deliver cost management, reduce the IT workload and give access to optimal hardware.

Simplify hardware acquisition...

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