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1. Lead the Material Planning/Production Planning team for a market/cluster
2. End to End inventory analytics (ex-Business wastage, excess inventory) including target of reducing inventory
3. RPM Norm determination
4. Front end the discussion with Factory Material planners
5. Developing tools with the help of IT teams
6. Apply RPA in the existing delivery
7. Supply collaboration
8. Deliver all the business KPIs agreed
9. Provide insights through various management reports
10. Analyze the reason for plan failures and work with IT and internal team to fix the issues
11. Manage the group of team members
12. Bring best practice of market to the delivery
13. Work with transition and transformation teams to deliver best practices to the client



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septiembre 7, 2021

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Experiencia profesional

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Contrato por tiempo indeterminado - full time



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Business Services


Consumer Products, Retail & Distributions