Full Stack Tech Lead


                                                             Senior Software Developer

This position is for a Senior Software Developer. The individual will serve in a technical leadership role and should have expertise in full stack development with experience in a wide range of technologies and broad experience with developing and supporting web applications. The individual will support of developers in web applications, junior software developers, data scientists and engineers as well as supporting QA roles to deliver analytics capabilities to a web platform in an Agile workflow. This position requires experience of integrating data storage, management and deployment of analytics applications into complex data pipelines and messaging queues, to operate on data and deliver results to the front end web applications. Experience with automated deployment and package management from development environments through delivery to production is essential. This position will support a Python centric developer and testing team. Previous Python experience is desirable but not required.

Work with customer engineers to understand requirements and convert code prototypes or enhancements into production code.

Work with application architects, database admins, and DevOps to automate deployment of code into data pipelines.

Code and application architecture design and review

Integration of applications into messaging and parallel processing queues

Habilities & Tools:

  • Linux
  • Apache
  • Object oriented programming – expert in one or several of (Python, C++, .NET , Matlab, R)
  • RDS (Oracle / MySQL) integration to web applications
  • Web services & HTTP methods
  • Parallel processing and messaging (Kafka, Rabbi MQ)
  • Authentication patterns
  • Working with batch and streaming data processing methods

Desirable skills: 

  • Understanding of web development
  • Java
  • Python (application management and deployment, Django)
  • Ansible or equivalent
  • CI/CD (Jenkins)
  • Cloud deployments and application support
  • Experience with Time Series data


112551 - Full Stack Tech Lead

Escrito el

July 30, 2019

Nivel de experiencia

7+ Years

Nivel de educación

Bachelor's Degree