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Customer first

Building healthier baskets to impact at scale

Helping people live healthier lives and drive business value one click, one color, one haptic at a time.

The consumer goods industry is currently facing unprecedented disruption in the form of COVID-19, and while the pandemic has impacted many regions around the world, it has also been a motivator for change. Brands, retailers and manufacturers have a unique opportunity to positively impact lives in a time that is inherently complex and stressful.

Together with The Consumer Goods Forum (CGF), we have published a report on digital solutions to support access to healthier living. These digital concepts aim at advancing the agenda of the CGF’s Collaboration for Healthier Lives (CHL) Coalition of Action, by simplifying the customer journey and improving access to healthier options.

The design and implementation of the digital concepts highlighted in the report are based on the key learnings resulting from local CHL initiatives in China, France, Japan, Latin America, the United Kingdom, the United States and Turkey, and are aimed at simplifying the complex world of “healthy living”. The concepts include:

  1. Decoded, a color-coded system that helps consumers visualize healthy choices and navigate purchases throughout the customer journey;
  2. Better Together, a social commerce platform that invites micro-influencers to host recorded or live-streamed videos focused on reviewing, recommending, and using health and wellness products. The user community can actively participate by asking questions and commenting via live chat to video hosts as they use the products;
  3. Contextual Cart, a predictive system that uses contextual environmental data, historical purchase data, and personal wellness goals to proactively create customized shopping recommendations for consumers; and
  4. Simul-ate: the gamified shopping experience that teaches healthy habit formation. It leverages retailers’ existing apps to create a customized shopping journey that aims to drive incremental behavior changes week over week. Challenges are personalized to each household and based on purchase history from loyalty card data.

We look forward to working with consumer product and retail brands to bring these ideas to life on shelves and screens around the world – helping people live healthier lives and drive business value one click, one color, one haptic at a time.

Download the full paper and explore these concepts in more detail and how they are aiming to be used as enablers to healthier baskets, rather than solutions in themselves.