Niklas Korswall

I advise my clients in how to achieve more business value and get more coherent digital solutions both internally and externally.

I can bridge the gap between the business organization and the IT/delivery organisation when deciding / discussing Digital Transformation.

I helped a medium sized BPO firm deliver more innovative solutions and lasting results for their clients and internally.

Early adoption of Cloud Services and moving from a single outsourced vendor to a best-of-breed mashup solution – resulted in reduced cost of operations and a modern plattform.

This also helped them get acquired by a larger corporation – as they were seen as innovation and agile.

Niklas Korswall

Mi experiencia

Managing Enterprise Architect @ Capgemini

Sept 2017 - Present

CIO @ Accounting

Apr 2013 - Sept 2017

Founder @ Retail

Oct 2010 - Dec 2012