Cloud Choice

Rene Claudio

Experto en cloud assessment of applications, Cloud strategy

The Cloud Platforms team helps clients leverage the cloud in two main ways. One is to help move applications to the cloud, from strategy, plan, design to execution. Second is to help enhance IT agility through the use of microservices, containers, the c…

Rene Claudio

Mi experiencia

Enterprise Cloud Services, Head of Cloud Platforms Sales @ Capgemini


Principal @ Management Consulting


Consulting Director @ Management Consulting

06/18/2012 to 08/25/2014

Principal Consultant @ Management Consulting

01/14/2008 to 05/21/2012

Account Director @ Management Consulting

01/23/2006 to 12/17/2007

Senior Manager @ Capgemini Consulting

01/11/1999 to 12/19/2005

Director of Consulting Services @ Marketing and Advertising Firm

01/05/1998 to 12/14/1998

Senior Manager @ Accounting

07/10/1995 to 01/12/1998