Don’t let cloud vendor lock-in stand in the way of progress

Vendor lock-in is nothing new in enterprise IT landscapes. What’s changed, however, is the addition of cloud vendors into the mix.

As the pace of change enabled by digital continues to accelerate, today’s CIOs must plan for the full lifecycle of their cloud solutions and include the cost of exit into their value case. Whether the vendor lock-in is contractual or the result of proprietary protocols and more, an effective cloud roadmap designed for portability can help mitigate the risk. This is especially true when creating cloud-native applications with PaaS.

Building a cloud strategy aligned with your business

As enterprises transition to a cloud-first way of working in a maturing cloud marketplace, it is essential to understand the vendor lock-in risks, and to have a clear strategy to minimise their impact. Capgemini’s Cloud Choice Advise experts can help.

We work with our clients to build a cloud value case that clearly defines the costs and benefits of moving to the cloud. A long-term cloud roadmap will take account of the impact of moving data and apps to a new cloud vendor. It will ensure vendor lock-in risks are managed, so that you realise the benefits you expect.

Proven experience in making the business case for cloud

Our cloud experts have helped clients to balance the risks and benefits of moving to a multi-vendor cloud environment.

We will work with you to:

  • Define a cloud strategy and factor in exit costs to your business case;
  • Define a cloud roadmap that mitigates the risk of vendor lock-in;
  • Base your cloud business case on long-term strategic objectives, not on short-term fixes;
  • Put safeguards in place for your data and apps when you move to a different cloud vendor.

Design a cloud strategy that keeps your options open

Read our experts’ practical point of view on the key cloud vendor lock-in risks and how you can design your cloud strategy to mitigate them:

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