Microsoft SharePoint

Better connecting people, processes and information within your organization: we can make this happen with the leading business collaboration platform, Microsoft Sharepoint.

Making SharePoint Work for You

We define a customized SharePoint roadmap that is aligned to your business objectives through:

  • Latest software: upgrade to SharePoint 2013

  • Sites and portals: create a single infrastructure for all websites and intranets

  • Content management: enhance data sharing among employees, customers and partners

  • Business insight: connect to disparate data sources and databases via dashboards and KPIs in a SharePoint portal

  • Online collaboration: engage customers and solicit feedback via blogs and other networks

  • Fast information: search multiple data sources quickly

  • Self-service solutions: put your users in control

By implementing SharePoint, your benefits include:

  • A cost-effective IT department, focused on increasing work productivity, team collaboration and workforce mobility 

  • Reduced travel expenses by sharing and editing documents online

  • Simplified document version control via improved workflow

  • Greater availability of SAP data to all employees

  • Robust corporate records management, supporting information compliance and risk management

Put Your SharePoint Strategy in Safe Hands

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we have more than 2,000 skilled SharePoint specialists, including certified masters and Most Valued Professionals, a rare award given to the most distinguished Microsoft professionals.

We have designed and implemented SharePoint roadmaps for many clients, particularly in the public sector, including:

  • UK Ministry of Defence: delivered document and record management and workflow capability based on SharePoint to more than 15,000 users across 750 organizations.

  • UK Department of Education: created Information Workplace Platform, an online information management and collaborative system based on the SharePoint platform for 25,000 users. The project is recognized as the world’s most ambitious government implementation of the technology.

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