Intelligent Service Center

Bring a business focus to end-user support with an innovative managed service that drives continuous improvement in business processes performance.

Rethinking the Service Desk

Today’s business leaders, IT executives and end users agree that the service desk must evolve. But there is little agreement about how that evolution should begin or what form it should take. Most modernization efforts focus on technical capabilities, functional efficiency and service-level agreements (SLAs), while some aim to cut costs by optimizing the performance of a few select KPIs.

Companies require a comprehensive solution that harnesses data and analytics to drive continuous improvement in business processes, thus delivering on the demands of all stakeholders.

A Next-Generation Service Desk, Today

Our Intelligent Service Center leverages data and analytics to build business intelligence and drive continuous improvement through the following:

  • Digital functionality that offers support via the user’s preferred channel
  • Advanced knowledge management and analytics that translate support-relevant data into actionable IT and business intelligence
  • Contextual prioritization that quickly resolves low-priority incidents to reduce impact on business operations
  • Predictability that ensures accurate resolution times
  • Gamification that applies game elements to engage users and deliver information in a memorable way.
  • Personalization that delivers tailored support and technology adapted to user role, business goals and preferences.

Innovation Backed By Experience

Our Intelligent Service Center is backed by years of experience in analytics, business intelligence, incident resolution and request fulfilment. Our extensive global network and ability to scale services on demand provide you with the resources you need, when and where you need them.

Contact us today to arrange for a demonstration or schedule a workshop covering key features and business outcomes.

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