HRSMART provides better tracking and management of your human capital, and efficient workforce and performance management, critical to the overall functioning of the organization

Global workforce, global challenges

Most organizations are able to build comparative advantage and expand their footprint by setting up offices, service delivery centers, and manufacturing hubs across multiple locations. However, this brings with it multiple challenges when it comes to managing your human capital, such as:

  • Managing a diverse workforce, employee movement and complex practices across geographies
  • Identifying, retaining and rewarding good talent
  • Developing the next generation of corporate leaders
  • Creating a corporate culture to attract the right employees
  • Improving resource utilization.

Adopting a proactive strategy by your HR department, to help foresee events better and take appropriate actions, becomes the need of the hour.

Unified view of enterprise employee data for better-informed decision-making

Capgemini’s HRSMART solution enables your enterprise to better manage human capital and drive business execution, with comprehensive, flexible, and efficient solutions.

We provide better tracking and management of human capital, and improved workforce and performance management, critical for an organization to function.

Our well-defined dashboards cover these enterprise employee areas:

  • Workforce administration
  • Compensation & benefits
  • Compliance
  • Payroll
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment.

Our big data capability improves the processing of unstructured data, including social media sentiment and history, and enables predictive analysis of likely attrition, and the probability of potential employees joining an organization.

Benefits delivered: Productivity and predictability

Our in-depth understanding of HR management and strong technical and domain expertise means we can provide these benefits:

  • Improved strategic HR focus through better analysis of metrics such as headcount and diversity
  • Unified view of enterprise employee data for informed decision-making
  • Significant improvement in quality and diversity of employees hired
  • Improved employee productivity through better tracking of training and certification
  • Simplified and accurate compliance reporting
  • Reliable foundation for advanced analytics for predicting attrition, saving recruitment costs
  • Accelerated implementation in weeks, through use of a standard data model

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