The Changing Role of Risk in The Digital Era


A point of view from Capgemini and Pega revealing how u […]

A point of view from Capgemini and Pega revealing how underwriting can evolve to capitalize on the opportunities ahead.


The Internet of Things (IoT) is lowering risk and creating pressure on insurers to innovate to be able to retain customers as new entrants with high technological expertise attempt to lure away customers. Read our white paper to get insights on how underwriters can seize the day.

Some estimates suggest there could be a 20 to 40 per cent reduction in the level of risk in the insurable world, with profound implications for insurance demand and premium income.

This white paper hones in on the changing role of risk in insurance, which is also a key finding in the 2016 World Insurance Report.

The white paper explores how technology is driving down risk and how this presents insurers with the challenge to enhance capabilities such as underwriting to protect and grow market share.

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