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Transformation to “True Global” Through Companywide Operation DX

IDC VENDER SPOTLIGHT published in April, 2022 reveals that “there is a tendency for many Japanese companies to limit the fields in which they undertake DX only to their strategy and IT (information systems). This may be the reason Japanese companies are falling behind their global counterparts in terms of efforts to apply DX companywide to realized significant innovation in their process or operations.”

The report also indicates that “in collaborating with an appropriate partner, companies should try to use this transformation of global, companywide operations not only to improve efficiency but also to achieve digital resilience, which is the ability to leverage changes in the environment and turn them into.”

  • Diffusion of DX and COVID-19 pandemic accelerate demand for “digital x global” at companies
  • Need to transform diverse business processes
  • Value generated from companywide/cross-departmental operational transformation: What is the “Future of Operations”?
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Thank you for your interest in the IDC VENDOR SPOTLIGHT report.

Download the report here.