Key Responsibilities:

Tasks for this position will include the followings:

  • Dealing with multiple suppliers, who has strength in partnering with Consulting/SIer firms and providing their staff resources, which match with the requirements for Consulting/IT project.
  • Placing purchase orders and subcontract management for supporting our project delivery via internal system.
  • Duties include cost/price analysis, negotiations, documentation, purchase order, approval process, reporting and interface with our sales staff/project manager and suppliers/ID creation/contract document management.
  • Creates job description and prepares for terms and conditions for receiving supplier’s services.
  • Analyzes and evaluates supplier’s proposals, negotiates subcontract terms, price and schedule, additional cost coverage (if agreeable), and concluding the agreement only after negotiation and coordination of any additions, deletions, or modifications are confirmed with our sales staff/project manager.
  • Taking care of contracts administration, which including storing the agreement, executing contract renewal/ cancellation, and data entry for reporting purpose.    

Required Skills

  • 5+ years of experience in purchasing supplier’s service at Consulting firms/IT service companies (Or Project Manager with the similar experience)
  • Experience with general subcontract management, cost/price analysis, skillsheet screening
  • Familiar with Japanese labor law and concluding contract
  • Excellent Communication Skills (verbal, written and presentation skills) in English and Japanese

Other Ideal Skills 

  • Demonstrated mentoring skills and training experience
  • Multi-tasking skills required
  • Good problem solving skills
  • Ability to effectively interface with internal key stakeholders and supplier leadership
  • Business acumen
  • Self-motivated
  • Ability to work independently or in a team environment
  • Microsoft Office Suite proficiency
  • Ability to work in a fast paced environment
  • Business oriented decision making skills

Work location



  • PMOなどのコンサル案件やSIに関わるSE系要員を提供受けるべく、複数のビジネスパートナー(SES企業含む)に対し人員リソース提供依頼
  • 社内システムの導入企画、及び実行。 またシステム導入後はシステムによる発注処理のほか、リソースごとの契約管理
  • 顧客企業へ請求する見込み単価、そして獲得する人材コストの上限を鑑み、パートナー企業へ発注、コスト価格交渉を実施
  • JD(Job Description)作成、価格調整、社内承認、ID作成、進捗レポート管理、契約内容交渉、締結及び書類管理


  • 5年以上コンサル又はIT サービス企業の基で、ビジネスパートナー企業からのリソース購買業務を担当した経験(又は外部人員獲得時において、似たような業務を行った事があるProject Managerも検討可)
  • コンサル又はITサービス人材に関連したアウトソーシングサービスを受ける際のスキルスクリーニング、価格交渉及び、業務委託などの契約締結経験
  • 労働基準法に明るい方
  • ビジネス英会話能力


  • メンタリング、トレーニングスキル
  • 複数の仕事をこなす(マルチタスク)能力
  • 問題解決能力
  • 効果的に社内外の関係者と会話を進められる能力
  • 共通のビジネス感覚
  • 自発的に動ける方
  • 単独、又はチーム環境下の何れであっても成果が出せる方
  • Microsoftオフィス利用経験
  • ペースの速い環境に適応できる方
  • ビジネス側の要望を考慮し、随時意思決定ができる方


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