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キャップジェミニの最新レポート:自動車産業はスマートファクトリー導入によって 2023年までに1,600億ドルの増収が期待できる



キャップジェミニのデジタル・トランスフォーメーション・インスティテュートによる新たなリサーチの結果、 AIを取り入れている企業の4/5で、AI技術の結果として、新しい仕事が創出されていることがわかりました。

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Beyond the Buzz

beyond the buzz

Secure your customers’ data to secure your future

Lanny Cohen
Perhaps more than ever before, trust is a leading driver of customer loyalty in the retail sector. Reputations that can be sunk almost instantly by a data breach may take years to recover in the fickle world of social media. But opportunities abound for visionary retailers who are willing to invest in earning their customers’ trust. Now is the time to take the plunge.

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Lanny Cohen


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Unlocking the Internet of Things: Why scale is the smart route to high value

Subrahmanyam KVJ
IoT holds many benefits – but why are organizations struggling to derive value from it?


Frank Wammes

Together Let’s #PressForProgress

Sheetal Sawhney
Gender balance has always been at the heart of our efforts at Capgemini and for years we have been encouraging every member of our Group to take steps, big or small, to achieve this goal.

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