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Role: Xamarin Mobile Lead | Exp: 9 to 12 Years | Hyderabad


Job Responsibilities

Job Description:

We are looking for a Lead Mobile Software Engineer to join the Mobile Delivery Team within our Digital organisation, working within one of our scrum teams to build and maintain, change and further evolve both existing and new products.

You’ll sustain our culture of continuous improvement both from a process and technical perspective, ensuring that:

• Focus on building a great mobile experience, constantly innovating what is possible on Mobile to deliver new and exciting experiences to our users.

• When the code leaves development, it is production ready.

• If you change code, you only ever make it better: Ratchet.

• SOLID/KISS principles are followed.

• Keep re-use at the forefront of your mind.

• Frequently deliver high value features to our customers.

• Automated testing is utilised to ensure quality is maintained.

• Agile techniques such as BDD are used to ensure the whole team is involved in delivering the right solution to customers.


Roles and Responsibilities:

What you’ll do in more detail You’ll be responsible for:

• Performing analysis, development and delivery of high quality cross-platform mobile applications using the Xamarin Platform.

• Technical Lead for scrum teams in the creation and expansion of our mobile applications, becoming a valued team member.

• Undertaking design and code reviews to ensure our apps meet functional and non functional requirements and proactively identifying where changes are required to maintain these in the future

• Contributing to the development of solutions that meet the strategic requirements of our business.

• Fostering team spirit and collaboration within your team

• Leading the way by engaging and contributing to the technical capability of our products to ensure they are the best fit for our customers

• Identifying improvement opportunities such as enhancements to standards or technical innovations to increase the quality and efficiency of delivery.

• Providing technical expertise and collaborating in teams operating across Digital.


Experience: 9 to 12 Years


Location: Hyderabad

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