Location: Farmington Hills, MI

skills and responsibilities:

crash sensing applicationSimulating
algorithms and generating algorithm calibrations for specific vehicle platform
using ZF TRW in-house developed simulation/calibration software with customer
(vehicle manufacturer) provided crash data set;HW
development and test executionPerforming
analysis, Hardware-in-the-Loop verification and validation using Matlab,
Simulink, StateFlow and dSpace based Auto Tester, and/or other necessary
software and equipment.International
Customer contactPresenting,
discussing and negotiating with customers (vehicle manufacturers) directly the
sensing performance of the algorithms and calibrations, and obtain their
authorization to release/implement the algorithms and calibrations into vehicle
platform for production.Algorithm
development and active passive System integrationFurther
activities include the design and development of Vehicle Crash Sensing
algorithms, by using Matlab, Simulink, StateFlow, Control Toolbox, Optimization
Toolbox, and Signal Processing Toolbox.

Engineer will be responsible for algorithm design, development and applications
for vehicle safety systems

communication and interpersonal skills

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