Location: Schenectady, NY

skills and responsibilities:

in and begins to influence the business-wide discussions relative to the future
direction of design and user experience

in and leads team discussions relative
to current user experience projects Demonstrate
a strong understanding of Agile / Lean UX methodologies Guide
effective documentation and communication of design – via wireframes, mockups,
and requirements engineering Begin
to lead research and evaluation of emerging design, technology, industry, and
market trends

Technical Expertise:

individual interviews/workshop with individual contributors. Creates
research protocols with guidance. Selects appropriate research methods to
answer questions and develop holistic understanding of user and customer needs.
group understanding of research data; leverages data to derive actionable
insights. Identifies
appropriate synthesis techniques to meet the needs of specific business and
design situations. Understands
the existing architecture of or application and our design system. Understands
what constitutes a well-defined technical architecture.


knowledge of business’ structure (P&Ls) and the interplay of functions to
support business goals. Understands
the competitive landscape, regulatory marketing, etc. Articulates clearly the
main industry dynamics. Understands
key principles of design thinking, what it is and why it is important. Explores
all ideas, regardless of their source. Works
to create an understanding of how individual people and things fit within
larger structures (like systems or organizations), as well as the relationships
between parts of a system and the system as a whole.

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