• 6-9 years of experience on Android Platform development in Automotive domain• Experience in development of Android Platform.• Ability to work well in a global team environment • Good Communication Skills and interpersonal skillsThe job involves:• Knowledge of Android at platform level• Must have experience in HAL, Systems Server, Application framework and Android internals.• Contribute as designer and developer for building a platform upon which other applications can run.• Responsible for the entire life-cycle of the assigned domain, including requirements, system design, development, deployment, and maintenance of the core middleware platform underlying the infotainment application framework and other components.• Design a best-in-class in-vehicle platform for infotainment systems.• Work with the building blocks provided by the selected platform provider to create solutions for application services. For example: power management, fault management, system logging, scalable localization, user personalization, application update, UI integration, and application precedence.• Deliver a mechanism for loading and unloading of applications.• Work with software update and provisioning teams to deliver user and configuration data services.• Participate in the development of requirements, innovative subsystem and system level designs as well as production software

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