Work Location: Salt Lake City, UT

Desired skills and

Policy Administration (Checkpoint/Juniper) ACL and Basic Routing Configuration. Raising change request & implementation of firewall
changes as per customer’s requirement / request. Interaction with clients and
engineering teams. Occasional involvement for IDS/IPS (Intrusion
Detection/Prevention) & Proxy Maintain lifecycle management for the security production
environment, i.e., Installation, upgrades, modification or decommission.
Produce production documentation/Run Books on new deployments and modification
in existing Network. Produce method of procedures that demonstrate understanding
of changes proposed and how the change will be executed with minimal service
impact. Follow global change management procedures and best practices
for implementation. Engineers are required to do Move-Add-Change being part of
Provisioning Team and should be very comfortable providing immediate technical
direction to peer and subordinate staff in a real time, revenue effecting
network down scenarios. This position description is intended to describe the
duties most frequently performed by an individual in this position. It is not
intended to be a complete list of assigned duties but to describe a position
level. The role shall be performed within a professional office environment.
The client has health and safety polices that are available for all workers
upon request. There are no specific health risks associate with the role. Establish and maintain effective working relationships with
internal and external technical, business, and support groups, including
vendor/partner relationships. Document and maintain accuracy of standard operating
procedures and best practices for areas of responsibility.

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