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Job Description – 


The candidate should have 8+ years of experience on banking projects, Preferably 4+ years on SDS
2. Experience of working on end-to-end delivery of SDS projects (not just BAU strategy changes) is expected
3. Good understanding of databases and data structures is required in a senior profile
4. Experience of making major strategy changes
5. Understanding of credit cards and loan origination processes and decision flows is required
6. Knowledge of any 1 programing language – preferably java
7. Should have strong understanding of version control systems for check-out / check-in process
8. Experience in managing code versions during a change cycle in multiple environments
9. Should understand and be able to manage rollbacks, code promotions etc. without version conflicts


Job Location – Pune


Exp Required  – 2 to 10 Years


Contact Person – 

Supriya Gupta


Job Responsibilities

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