*Staffing Lead

Job Description

  • Liase with Delivery Managers in understanding demand thoroughly and maintaining its lifecycle
  • Work with internal Capgemini teams in strategizing and building supply across skill sets
  • Build an effective response and follow up strategy for supply and closure
  • Manage the Interview and Selection process entirely
  • Work with account teams and customers to build panel strategy
  • Help in prepping and aligning resources for customer demand
  • DRIVES STRATEGY – Marketing, Branding, Footfall reviews, Int/Selection Process, Panels, Customer Interaction/ Sell, Reporting to CG internally
  • INTERNAL REFERRAL/IJP STRATEGY – Location wise emails, booths – internal selling
  • INTERNAL BENCH REVIEW Strategy – Location -> Geo -> Global
  • Plan Account Bench & Rotation

Primary Skills

  • Account Management/ Client Management
  • Recruitment Strategy building
  • Resource Management & Staffing
  • Manage end to end MIS OPERATIONS & REPORTING at account level
  • Understand requirements at molecular level

Secondary Skills

  • Business Communication
  • Proficiency in Excel



Posted on:

December 31, 2021

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Financial Services