Technical Writers (Mechanical):
• Engineering or Diploma Degree – Aeronautical, Mechanical, Industrial Production, Automobile, Electronics / AME / AMAeSI.
2 to Max 5 years over all experience.
• Experience in Aircraft Line Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul of various Aircraft systems.
• From Aerospace industry / Airlines / Automobile background having experience in Supply Chain Management, Materials procurement process departments.
• Exposure to Aviation / Automotive industry practices and standards.
• Knowledge on S1000D, ATA 100 / iSpec 2200 and ACEMA is preferred.

Job Responsibilities

Job Responsibilities:

  • Responsible for Impact Analysis, Estimation, Authoring, research of information related to authoring updates of the Client system. Executes the above activities in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Create/revise the work units to meet the manual requirements
  • Performs quality assurance of one’s own input to validate the accuracy, coverage and completeness of the information provided by various data sources
  • Uses standards and guideline as defined to check authoring quality. Looks into changes to each work product on a daily basis.
  • Double-checks own/others inputs with standard tools and guidelines.
  • Implements any changes to authoring procedure effectively
  • Performs tasks independently and guide others and will be considered as SME [System Matter Expert]
  • Has proficient knowledge of  four or more manuals towards the delivery and supports in doing peer reviews.

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