The Build and Deploy Software Engineer is responsible for full support of development environments including integrations and Web Server Configuration, several development environments and production. The position will require a candidate to develop and maintain the build system which is comprised of script, database, and compiled code deployments.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Manage the build process for multiple concurrent releases
  • Automate build and deployment process through build system
  • Maintain various software feature branches using a Source Control System
  • Design and configure continuous integration build system through collaboration with US or JP development team
  • Assist the Infra Operations Team to deploy resources on Production systems
  • Plan and participate rehearsal or production deployment work(night time ) with planned releases

Required Skills

  • Self learning capability or mindset
  • Coding skill such as JAVA, windows bat file and UNIX shell scrip
  • Installing and configuring Web server (typically Tomcat but not limited to it) in windows or Linux
  • Deploying and configuring in web-based applications

Designing and implementing build to deploy automation. Following knowledge will be necessary;
              * Knowledge for JAVA and SOAP
              * Knowledge for build automation, orchestration and dependency  management tools such as Maven, Ant, Nexus and NuGet
              *Knowledge for source code management systems such as GIT, GIT-HUB
              *Knowledge for Continuous Integration (CI) tools

Educational Qualification

Any bachelor’s degree is required.
Study in Engineering/Technology, preferably in Computer Science/Computer Applications or any other related study or experiences are preferable. 


Fluent in Japanese is mandatory.
English Read and write is required at Business level, English speaking would be basic to business.   

Work Location:Tokyo





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