Job role: SDM

Years of exp: Minimum 13 years

Joining location: Bangalore

• Experience delivery of customer services to Client requirements and satisfaction, Service Level Agreements and performing to Capgemini Management standards;

• Be able to perform contractual analysis, management and change according to ITIL and Capgemini standards;

• Proven track record of successful project implementations;

• Ability to balance customer satisfaction / demands to maintain customer satisfaction with the level of support the customer has contracted with Capgemini;

• Experience in a wide variety of information technology fields to fully understand the details of the services that can be provided;

• Excellent delegation skills, negotiation skills and strong people management skills;

• Excellent customer relations skills to understand client/client representatives concerns and requirements;

• Ability to travel at least 40-50%. General

• Oversees day-to-day operations to ensure contractual commitments are met for the areas managed by the SSDL or other SDMs

• Proactively manages teams providing services in scope, directly or with assistance of line managers and has two managers directly reporting to them (this will be dependent on the contract, a staff of 30 on-shore resources);

• Proactively manages the day-to-day relationship with the client(s)/client representatives to ensure a high level of satisfaction;

• Becomes a point of escalation for customer/delivery issues and for service towers regarding client issues / opportunities / contractual obligations;

• Works closely with Account Manager/SSDM to plan the overall client relationship strategy, concentrating on cost reduction, service improvement and new businesses. Service Delivery

• Reviews SSDLs recommendations for delivery targets appropriateness and liaises with Capgemini management/Client representatives to address issues or concerns;

• Monitors SLA achievement and CSIP performance to identify negative trends and implement get-well plans;

• Owns the Service Improvement plan (Where applicable) ;

• Oversees contract change process as part of Contract Management and Maintenance to ensure contractual consistency;

• Owns delivery of standard BAU projects (depending on contract), shows a thorough understanding of applicable project management and/or operational management standards and procedures as well as of the business and commercial context of the organization. Service Quality and Improvement

• Works with line managers and SSDLs to ensure all relevant process documentation reflects ITIL best practices and client requirements, ensuring it is reviewed and updated within agreed timescales;

• Owns and drives forward improvements within the managed teams and produce recommendations for service improvements;

• Reviews quality of work produced by the teams providing services (reports, project deliverables, etc.) to ensure consistency and accuracy of information;

• Provides feedback and coaching to avoid reoccurring errors;

• Acts as an escalation point for client issues, escalations and complaints

• Reviews and provides assistance to SSDL in manages OTACE for owned services. Financial control and support

• Has a substantial input in the management of the financial cycle including invoicing and cost management;

• Assists Account Manager/SSDM in the creation of the account’s M-Pack;

• Forecasts revenue and costs for the assigned project codes;

• Ensures that cost control is maintained for the assigned project codes. SLA Implementation/Performance Reporting

• Completes SLA measurement and analysis management to ensure all commitments are met;

• Ensure timely delivery and accuracy of regular (monthly) management reports for client and attends review meetings (if applicable);

• Prepare and/or review summary reports on trends, root cause analysis and other reports before they are provided to the client for completeness, contractual requirements, SLA impact and service impacts;

• Provides service performance reporting to Client and Capgemini Management (as required). Client Relations and Service Development

• Has a substantial input in the development of contractual schedules and Service Level Agreements in line with the current service line aspirations;

• Develops and maintains close working relationships with representatives of Capgemini in the world and Client;

• Identifies and assists in the perusal of business opportunities within the existing contract with the Client;

• Recognises commercial opportunities and engages in Commercial negotiation with input from Account Manager and SSDM.


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