Senior JavaScript Developer

Our mission is to change the way people experience and engage with financial technology by putting automation and personalisation at the heart of innovation. To transform the digital customer experience quickly and affordably.


  • Minimum 5 year experience in Javascript development, understanding of functions and parameters, async behavior and callbacks, variable scopes, array, and string manipulation;

  • Good understanding of business workflows and data driven flows;

  • Good handle of HTML and CSS, including the Bootstrap library;

  • SQL advanced knowledge.


  • Define evolutive data models – creating the app’s database;

  • Define business workflows – passing and transforming data between various stages of the business process;

  • Define validation and security access rules;

  • Map out the user journeys – building out the apps’s Web digital journey and its custom logic;

  • Insert and configure a variety of interface components, putting them together in HTML and styling them with CSS (Bootstrap);

  • Integrate data automation processors (OCR, face recognition, video conferencing, digital signatures, etc.) for more complex steps in the user journeys;

  • Configure and interact with decision engines (scoring & personalization);

  • Use JavaScript for advanced mathematical, logical and data manipulation tasks.



Posted on:

March 23, 2021

Experience level:

Mid level

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