Senior Innovation Consultant

Why join frog?

Since June 2021, frog is part of Capgemini Invent. frog partners with customer-centric enterprises to drive sustainable growth, by building and orchestrating experiences at scale, while harnessing the power of data and technology.  We’re inventing the future of customer experiences by delivering market-defining business models, products, services, brand engagements and communications. 

Joining frog means you’ll be joining the “pond,” a global network of studios, each with a thriving in-person and vibrant virtual culture. frogs are curious, collaborative, and courageous, united by our passion for improving the human experience across our areas of expertise, while each bringing our unique and diverse skills and experiences to the table. We draw on our global reach and local knowledge to solve complex problems and create innovative, sustainable solutions that touch hearts and move markets. frogs prize humour, positivity, and community just as highly as performance and outcomes. Our culture is open, flexible, inclusive, and engaging. Working at frog means being empowered to meet the moment, and Make Your Mark on every project, in your studio, your community—and the world at large.

An overview of the role:

As a Senior Innovation Consultant in our Idea Development team, you would report to the UK Head of Idea Development, and be responsible for:

  • Leading project teams, typically alongside an Engagement Manager but sometimes on your own
  • Managing the design and development of new products, services and business model solutions
  • Regularly interfacing with senior clients as one of, or the primary, relationship manager(s)
  • Generating and articulating truly transformational consumer insights
  • Working across and managing multiple live projects at any given point in time
  • Contributing to the team’s identification of an overall strategic framework at project inception, and steering it with guidance and support from the project Director
  • Co-lead or lead the definition, articulation and defense of a portfolio of ideas that meet the challenges of the project brief
  • Influencing the strategic expression of the chosen ideas in consumer-ready form (e.g., via concept and/or script for a video prototype) in tandem with our Design team
  • Designing and overseeing qualitative research activities—from more traditional methodologies like focus groups to more contemporary ones like mobile video diaries and online communities
  • Familiarity and experience in contemporary product management and/or lean start-up and/or agile development and testing methodologies
  • A strong understanding of how innovation functions work within FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 businesses, the various forms they can take, and what can ultimately make or break innovation success within them
  • A strong understanding of the macroeconomic, market and social forces dictating the need for companies to evolve their business models at an ever-increasing rate
  • Articulating the definition of each idea and the rationale behind it at client presentations
  • Generating innovation ideas, thinking creatively and inspiring ideas in others with the ability to describe and define those ideas to the team
  • Providing interrogation and analysis of the innovation ideas, building back up and stimulus for each, and obtaining a sense of feasibility and do-ability around them
  • Working alongside the Engagement Manager (or occasionally on your own) to lead the verbal and visual articulation of the strategic narrative summarising our work and its value senior client stakeholders
  • Working with clients and Engagement Managers (or occasionally on your own) to formulate project proposals, including scope of work and the innovation challenge
  • Leading, inspiring and mentoring the Innovation Associates and Innovation Consultants in the Idea Development team in and outside of projects

You would have regular contact with executives (typically Director to EVP level) at FTSE 250 and Fortune 500 companies, and as a result be exceptionally capable at rapid problem solving, and nurturing relationships with client partners. You would be responsible for working with cross-functional project teams  and working closely with members of our Commercial Strategy and Design teams throughout the process.

Why this role?

When we recruit Senior Innovation Consultants, we are looking not just for candidates who can fulfill the role outlined above, but also candidates we believe have the potential to ultimately become Directors and play a leadership role in the firm. In addition to regular team training sessions, you would be assigned a mentor to work with you on building specific skills and capabilities aligned to pre-defined professional development goals.

Why you?

You will likely have a graduate degree and extensive experience working in the field of innovation—for an innovation consulting firm, a design firm or within a corporate innovation team. You should also have significant experience leading a cross-functional team and collaborating with clients and external partners. You should be a lateral thinker adept at uncovering the themes and critical pieces of information that can spark game-changing innovations. You should be self-propelled by restless curiosity, resourceful in scouring the world for insight, comfortable in a highly charged idea-centric environment, fascinated with changing the world, able to move seamlessly from high altitude thinking to the tangible and practical, and be comfortable—if not, at home—in ambiguity and uncertainty. You likely consider yourself to be the most creative and restless member of whatever company you’re currently working for.

You should be able to demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Powerful Storytelling. You should have an intuitive ability to represent complex concepts in a clear, concise and compelling way.
  • Engaging Presentation Skills. You should be experienced and comfortable presenting to large groups and delivering inspiring and engaging presentations.
  • Creative Sensibilities. You should have an aesthetic appreciation, and ideally experience working with creative teams across a range of disciplines and deliverables. Experience in branding, naming, graphic design and/or experience design are a plus.
  • Diverse Experience. We don’t specialise in any particular industry or category, and as such you should be able to demonstrate a range of category experience.
  • Inspiring Leadership Style. You have proven the ability to inspire internal teams and clients to push the boundaries of what they thought was possible.
  • Contagious Passion. You should see and be inspired by disruptive innovation and transformational ideas, and be able to stoke the fires of those around you.
  • Considered Opinions. You should be able to form thoughtful and considered perspectives, supported by both objective fact and strategic conviction.
  • Commercially Conversant: Whilst you will be working alongside colleagues from our Commercial Strategy team who are responsible for the commercial angle of our work, strong understanding of our how clients’ businesses and sectors work is important.
  • Tech Conversant. You should have a good understanding of emerging technologies and their impact to consumer behaviour and market dynamics. Foundational understanding of product and software development models is a plus.
  • Exceptional EQ. Whilst you should be confident and charismatic, you must also demonstrate humility and open-mindedness to the ideas of others and be more concerned with the team ultimately being correct than yourself.
  • Exceptionally Articulate. Whilst English does not need to be your native language, you must demonstrate exceptional command of the English language in both writing and speech, being able to leverage it with nuance, and at times, panache.

Work-Life Harmony

We understand that everyone has varied lives and we want you to have a great work-life balance.  So, where possible, our Work Life Harmony policy will help you to work flexibly and juggle your work and home life.

Whilst you will have London as an office base location, you must be fully flexible in terms of assignment location, as these roles may involve periods of time away from home at short notice.

We offer a remuneration package which includes flexible benefits options for you to choose to suit your own personal circumstances and a variable element dependent grade and on company and personal performance.

In order to commence a role with Capgemini UK plc you will be required to provide documentary proof prior to joining the Company that you are entitled to live and work in the UK.

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Posted on:

June 18, 2021

Experience level:

Experienced Professional

Contract type:

Permanent Full Time