Short Description


Job Responsibilities

– Code / Content Promotion, SAS Packages deployment from Dev to UAT to Prod using standard CR process
– Loading SAS LASR Tables on request or in case of any LASR server reboot in Discovery and PROD.
– Monitor, manage and setup SAS Jobs using Control M Scheduler.
– Provide support to incidents/ JIRA raised by SAS users or contact appropriate teams to resolve it
– Troubleshoot basic application issues on SAS environment and other components
– User access to SAS tools and security issues to be routed to SAS Platform team
– Create SAS Libraries
– Receive User Request
– Conduct On Boarding Kick off meeting
– Raise AD Group Request
– Raise roles request to GSR
– Raise AD request for Domain-HRES
– Raise AD request for ZPA HRES Group
– Raise AD request for Linux HDFS

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