SACM || 6 to 9 yrs || Pune

1) Baseline account/DC assets using the asset registry source/CMDB
2) Perform analysis on discovered data against baseline to determine discovery the coverage %
3) Perform analysis on discovered data against other available sources to identify gaps and enhance discovery coverage (waterfall)
4) Work with account SACM recourses on investigating the deltas between baseline and discovered data
5) Assist ADDM analyst with discovered data integration with CMDB
6) Periodically perform discovered data quality check for accounts that have ADDM deployed

• Publication and deployment of applicable Policies and Guidelines
• Publication of applicable Processes, Procedures and Work Instructions – ITAM Plan
• Identification of all IT assets under the control of Capgemini IT Asset Management
• IT Asset Lifecycle Management
• Focuses on defining, implementing, and managing the processes and tools needed to capture, analyze, and maintain the technical, demographic, and financial information on all hardware assets and software product assets associated with the enterprise, that are required to be managed.
• Ensure that the core Configuration Management process is adhered to across the supply chain. Liaise with Asset Management, Change, Availability, Capacity and other processes to ensure that Configuration requirements are considered at all stages.
• Build sustainable software inventory solution
• Maintain information about the licenses purchased by the client
• Maintain up-to-date information about the software installed in the clients IT environment
• Allocate, track, update, and analyze utilization for the deployment of software to users through an array of software deployment systems across the clients IT environment
• License utilization, release management, configuration control etc.
• Build sustainable license keys solution
• Build & Maintain License key management database
• Document license key processes (functional flows, logic, rules, server roles, administrative features)
• Work with towers and associated software license management
• Develop processes for analyzing, forecasting, and requesting license keys
• Track and incorporate change requests
• Develop and present reports and metrics for license management and utilization. Create compliance and related reports for all the software.
• Deploy SliM (PCs – All software) – BCS
• Compliance report showing the processing of outstanding POE and audit data
• Compliance report showing new POE & server audit data collected & processed
• Interfaces for data collection and SLiM as demonstrated by compliance report (sustainability model)
• SLiM reports showing improved compliance position


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