Job Description – Operations Leader

Role: To manage, monitor and control the overall Operations of a BU/SBU which includes People and Practice related activities.

  1. Manage, monitor and coordinate Staffing activities for the BU
    1. Monitor and approve monthwise Service line Headcount plan based on the pipeline
    2. Coordinate activities related to Bench Management across Service lines – movement of folks across BUs, projects, etc
    3. Work with recruitment and strategize short term and long term recruitment plan
    4. Manage and monitor the week wise staffing numbers and actions along with BU Operations team and Service Line Operations teams.
    5. Approve periodic additions/deletions to Hiring Plan to be in line Budgets – Utilization, pipeline, attrition, etc
  2. Manage the BU Operations with respect to efficiency and effectiveness
    1. Manage and Control the pyramid for each Service line along with SL leaders
    2. Review bench and ensure better utilization as per Budget targets along with the Service lines
    3. Plan for Campus Hire recruitment in line with our demand and ADRC improvement target
    4. Plan for strategic hiring in line with our forecasts
    5. Monitor the BU forecast vis-à-vis service line hiring
    6. Manage the attrition numbers along with Service lines and make correction to roles/levels/compensation when necessary
  3. Manage day-to-day transactions
    1. Approve loans and transfers from other BUs
    2. Approve Location transfers on approval from the Service line
    3. Approve SL hiring Service Orders (SOs) periodically
    4. Review and plan for location-wise space requirements

The person needs to have good grasp of the Practices and the levers needed to manage the Operations. He should be good with numbers. And should also be a People person.

Job Location : Mumbai

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