Referral Summer Festival – the one festival where you can GET money

Dear colleagues,

Before we change our office joggings into our swimsuit joggings (it’s a thing from now on). We would like to challenge you to our ‘Referral Summer Festival – the one festival where you can GET money’.

The concept is quite simple, whoever brings in the most hires will not only receive the fees that come alongside but we will add a bit of ‘spice’ to it (we can add spice for the top three). Don’t fear, we will aid a bit to make sure you can turn your referral fees into an all-in vacation in [INSERT YOUR COUNTRY OF CHOICE HERE].

This is not mandatory, those who want to embark on this challenge can register here: Participating into this campaign is entirely voluntarily, however if you do participate we expect your full commitment.

As mentioned we will help you get started, on the 28th of April at 5PM CET (the meeting will be sent to those who registered), we will provide a small workshop on how to approach people on LinkedIn. You will be provided with the necessary tips and tricks. The party doesn’t end there, we will even hand you a few profiles that are on our radar for you to approach, so that you have an easy access to start.

The rules of the game will be explained, however you can upload your referrals into a requisition, that will be drafted especially for the occasion, from 17/05/2021 until 14/06/2021 a month). After that the requisitions closes and your referrals will enter the normal referral track again. After that we will make sure that every referral is processed, and based on the amount of hires, we will make a top three in terms of the extras. The top referrer can take home the top prize.


•AEM developer/architect
•Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC) Architect
•UX/UI designer
•Digital project manager
•Salesforce – Technical Analyst
•Salesforce developer



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April 28, 2021

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