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Role Description O2 Participates in meeting service levels, key measurement targets of the team, delivers a high quality and cost effective service and oversees the process (or part of process) and customer service decisions. Can take leadership to ensure the delivery of a customer focused service to client with highly proficient knowledge of one or more processes and continually strives to improve the process. Skills O4 Foundation Identifies and develops his training needs and works towards upgrading skillbase Is able to resolve straightforward conflicts People Leadership Prepares work plans Prioritises activities within his/her team Uses experience to plan based on realistic estimates of how long activities take and deadlines to be adhered to Is guided in his or her behaviors by Capgemini Values Service & Delivery Is able to handle client specific queries or issues within the client scope Conducts process redesign to ensure improvement within client context Is aware of the client specific adjustments and deviations from the generic GSM process design Has deep knowledge of the process, policies and desk top procedures within their engagement Manages control and compliance agenda in the client context within the given area of expertise Innovation capability & growth Understands and interprets relevant standards to develop specific processes within the area of expertise Is able to enhance the design of processes Has good understanding of process taxonomy and process approach from an end-to-end perspective (e.g. good GPM knowledge) Is able to apply process improvement methodologies (e.g. Lean Six Sigma) to the area of expertise for the continuous improvement purposes Commercial Control Understands KPI measures and their basic impact on profitability Understands the cost drivers of the services and supports effective usage of them in the service delivery Understands the individual contribution.


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