Public Key Infrastructure I 4 to 6 years I Hyderabad & Bengaluru

Job Description

  • Impact Analysis on the infrastructure with respect to CA upgrades/migration
  • Improvising certificate services, certificate monitoring and certificate life cycle management
  • Backup and Restoration of configuration when required
  • Provide updates, inputs for policy, process and workflow revisions
  • Publishing and distributing CRL from offline Root CA server according to design or when requested
  • Monitoring Certificate Requests via internal or third party solution and designing policies for alerts
  • Renewing CA key pair and certificates  according to design or when requested
  • CA Backup which includes CA Private Keys, CA Certificates, CA Database and System State Backup
  • Addition/deletion/modification of certificate templates when required and setting up permissions
  • Recovering the CA Environment in cases of Disaster Recovery

Primary Skills

  • MS PKI 
  • Cryptography


Secondary Skills

  • Monitoring
  • Certificate Life cycle management



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September 8, 2021

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Cyber Security