P1 resource with one year experience in relevant role.
Job description:
Work closely with India leads to perform below activities:
1.Initiate iSOWs; follow-up till closure
2.Work on ICB rollouts
3.Procurement request
4. Work on ARVE Forecast
5. Maintain Contracts udpates 
6. Maintain Process- Product traning certification tracker
7. Maintain Visa status tracker
8. MTS reporting
9. RRD Updation
10. Maintain Skill Matrix
11. R R global
12. Project details review – Maintain Project details – code, expiry, project manager info.
13. Role Updation, BU, SBU, SL, Supervisor N++ changes, Location updation transfer of resource
14. Maintain Asset Inventory
15. Laptop /Desktop Allocation
16. GSOC Access 
17. NBT project code tagging updates/expenses
18. Project code Tagging/ Untagging – R2D2 id creation
19. Training Tracker
20. SO creation
21. HC growth reduction 
22. Manage Customer Visit 
23. Maintain Billing Tracker
24. Seat Management
25. Resource management
26. Update Capacity Report
27. Update Managed estate

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