Short Description

Open GL with C++ – 8 to 10 Years – Pune.



Job Responsibilities

We are looking to hire Manager – Open GL with C++ – 8 to 10 Years – Pune.

Candidate will be required to design, develop and maintain a high performance, large scale application .
• Enhance and add new features to 3D graphics Visualization program 
• Understand and make necessary changes to database
• Work with build system 
• Identify test scenarios and write and implement unit test cases for development activities performed.
• Explore 3rd party libraries and open source code bases and efficiently use them.
Note: This assignment initially is for Singapore for 2years and after completion of the assignment relocation would be at Pune.”
“• Candidate should a minimum of 8+ years of experience with Open GL, Geological Visualization / Simulation / 3D Rendering / 3D Geometry and Math on C++, Linux/Unix, Boost, Git, Multithreading,Agile
• Good analytical and debugging skills
• Demonstrable ability to work as part of a team
• Should have designed complex system
• Excellent communication skills expected for communicating with client on a daily basis.
• Prior experience of working under Agile methodology is desirable.

Contact: Gauri Bhat.

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