Short Description

Market research

Exp- 6-8 Yrs

Job Location – Hyderabad



Job Responsibilities

• Works independently / jointly to produce insightful qualitative and quantitative research and analysis in developing sector knowledge insights for firm professionals, high value / impact pursuits and thought leadership.

• Un-packs events into key drivers and causes. Demonstrates the ability to develop multiple hypotheses, investigate the alternatives and recommend solutions. Draws together information from primary and secondary sources to prove or disprove hypotheses.

• Demonstrates knowledge in applying analytical tools and techniques, specifically those relevant to the FS community, and deftly uses them to address analytical issues. Demonstrates expertise in information sources relevant to the FS sector.

• Develops best practices around sector and account analysis, and shares them with peers and colleagues.

• Demonstrates the ability to link Capgemini solutions to current and expected trends and issues in the FS sector and the assigned accounts (if applicable), and thereby identify business opportunities for the firm.

• Possesses the ability to collect and analyze information from internal and external subject matter experts through various techniques — face-to-face interviews, telephonic interviews, electronic surveys, etc.

• Reviews colleagues’ deliverables and advises on research, synthesis, and key findings


Communication / Expression:

• Demonstrates strong analytical abilities. Articulates points of view clearly and coherently.

• Presents information visually in a compelling manner, supplementing text and narrative, tailored to the audience.

• Demonstrates sophisticated written and spoken presentation skills, and the ability to communicate effectively.

• Works effectively in virtual teams across geographies.

• Possesses strong executive presence. Builds and sustains enduring relationships with key stakeholders.


Project management:

• Develops project plans and manages projects, including objectives, timelines, milestones, priorities, team member responsibilities, and deliverables.

• Monitors progress and regularly updates stakeholders on potential overruns and changes; re-negotiates timelines, scopes changes if necessary.

• Develops project deliverables collaboratively with team members that focus on measurable business impact. Supervision Responsibilities:

• Ability to work independently and in teams

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