Work Location: Austin, TX

Desired skills and

Understanding of solution architecture is
preferred, along with some certification(s). Strong collaboration skills and ability to lead and foster
effective teamwork ethic Knowledge of Apex, Visualforce, and Web
Services API is preferred. Experience with software development methodologie (waterfall
model, scrum) Self-motivated, organised and detail-oriented, producing high
quality delivery to strict deadlines. Strong presentation, communication (written and verbal) and
interpersonal skills. Strong ability to convey technical information to
non-technical customers, with exceptional interpersonal / communication skills,
being able to translate information back to client stakeholders. Able to contribute to the best performance of a my clients
client’s business, through strategic studies, planning for implementation, and
research into, and delivery of,the best initiatives, plans, progress and
performance of the business. Able to give the best advice, assistance and
indeed leadership in all areas of their client planning, procurement,
provision, delivery, management, maintenance, or effective use of information
systems and their environments. Able to address and manage one specific aspect of a client
business area, or indeed across a wide ranging field of strategic business
issues. able to create and ultimately deliver project strategies,
through the conceptualisation of planning / initiatives to best increase
business performance. Able to contribute and direct project / programme audits and
reviews to ensure continued good practice and standards. Able to initiate and
influence relationships with / between key stakeholders Able to support effective business change by building
relationships with / between their client’s
senior strategists, planners, designers and operational business partners. Able to define possible solutions and plans for successful
project / programme execution. Able to manage multi-stream projects and communicate project
participants and representatives regarding assigned tasks. Able to uphold project management standards, policies,
issues, methodologies and tools. Able to prepare and manage project workshops, brainstorming /
blue-sky and training sessions. Able to assist in the configuration of software and systems,
test the platform-specific versions of, and/or other software
packages. Document faults, implement resolution & retests, to
agreed standards. Able to effectively lead the project team to successful
deliver of the client project vision

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