Mainframe Z/OS Administrator | 4 to 6 years | Bengaluru

Job Description
  • Monitor infra system monitoring tools and escalate prescribed error/fault conditions to engineering groups
  • Monitor, escalate, and reset all Client batch failures or escalate if further action is required by batch owners.
  • Monitor Critical Batch Flows and issue proactive communications for lateness, or engage ECC
  • Monitor Critical Batch Flows and issue proactive customer communications for lateness
  • Escalate to engineering staff when system infra action is necessary, engage offending batch job owners when appropriate, and engage ECC if required.
  • Perform scheduled infra system administration tasks (power-on resets, IPLs) during change windows as prescribed.
  • Perform unscheduled ISG/WM outage resolution administration tasks (Compute on Demand, restarts, etc) as directed by engineering staff
  • Provide detailed monthly reporting on the state of the ISG/WM batch, including key performance indicators and metrics.
  • Attend SAEM change call and vet changes discussed for unintended consequences and potential impacts to the batch.
  • Perform batch job/stream analysis upon request and design and build batch flows for any infrastructure processes upon request by engineering teams.
Primary Skill
  • Mainframe Z/OS, TSO commands, Console, JCL
  • Batch Execution and Monitoring
Secondary Skill
  • Omegamon
  • Sysview
  • Netview



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October 9, 2020

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