Ivalua Consultant | 8-10 Years | Bangalore

Job Description

  • Understand and document (if required) Client’s business processes
  • Determine Client needs and demands, and turn them into a logical and technical business model that can be achieved through Ivalua
  • Lead and document the outcomes of the configuration workshops.
  • Configure Ivalua in alignment with documented business needs and contracted solution.
  • Advise the client on alternative solutions/functionalities that may better fit their business requirements.
  • Customize the business area in question and make sure the system reacts in the manner that the client intends it to
  • Coordinate the work/efforts with the technical counterparts, and perform data mapping activities of Ivalua vs. Client ERP
  • Ensure Ivalua usability in line with Client requirements and Capgemini best practices
  • Deliver the end- or super-user training and ensure a smooth transition of Ivalua to the client

Primary Skills

  • Expertise in identifying and documenting business requirements
  • Experience in Ivalua system configuration, including users, org structure, finance data, etc.
  • Experience in Ivalua workflow configuration to reflect the underlying business processes

Secondary Skills

  • Experience with SAP, Oracle or other ERP systems will be an advantage
  • Knowledge and experience deploying eProcurement solutions.



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April 6, 2021

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