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Job Responsibilities

Role:Full-Stack (Java + AngularJs) Developer | Exp: 2 to 7 Yrs | Chennai


Job Description:

Full Stack developers (front end + back end developers)


Required Skills and Capabilities –

• Familiarity with JS frameworks such as AngularJS, JQuery

• Developer with 2 to 12 years of experience (full stack)

• Should have experience in AngularJS, Java.

• Deep and extensive knowledge of JavaScript and the web development ecosystem (bootstrap, SASS)

• Hands on knowledge of Javascript basics (closure , lexical scope, prototyping , objects in Javascript, different ways of creating objects, patterns)

• Good understanding of Angular JS basics (binding, directives, dependency injection, controllers and routing, scoping, providers, services, factories, watchers, events, filters)

• OOPs concepts (inheritance, encapsulation)

• Experience in Angular JS advanced concepts ( providers, custom directives, template, run/config, digest and apply cycle, Manual bootstrap , Isolate scope , promices, local storage, exception handling , interceptors)

• Design approach and problem solving ( framework/Usecase/ Scenario based questions, performance improvements)

• Knowledge of Build and packaging (Jenkins, grunt)

• Understanding of CSS ( media queries, SASS, Html Dom Flowchart ,responsive web design, CSS3 features, bootstrap)

• Knowledge on Unit testing (jasmine, Karma )

• Service integration (Rest full service, http service, JSON, error handling)

• Soft Skills (Communication, Attitude,etc

• Leadership (Team handling, client facing role)


Primary Skill : AngularJS , Java

Secondary Skill: JQuery, Javascript

Job Location : Chennai


Experience : 4 – 6 Years




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