ETL Expert/Business System Analyst (Informatica ETL/IBM Data Stage)

Position Title: ETL Expert (IBM Data Stage/Informatica ETL)
Project Role: Business System Analyst
Work Location:Tokyo, Japan

Our client is  a leading insurance company in Japan and creating a big data hub using the latest Hadoop framework. Data from various sources will be ingested into Data hub, it will be cleaned, transformed and used for analysis.

We are seeking for an ETL expert to perform analysis of current IBM Data Stage ETL jobs.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Analyze, document and explain existing systems to various stakeholders
  • Discussion with application owners to understand application, data flows.
  • Perform reverse engineering for existing ETL applications.
  • Create Mapping and specification documents for ETL developers.

Technology Skill set required:

  • Experience with extract, transform and load (ETL) processing in a data warehouse environment
  • Experience in multiple/ various systems, of legacy and new technologies or Informatica ETL or IBM Data Stage 
  • Experience in RDBMS and SQL
  • Experience of developing UNIX shell script will be a plus

Language Requirement:

  • Excellent communication skills in either Japanese or English language

Project Overview:

最新のHadoop frameworkを用いてのBigDataハブを構築するプロジェクトにおいて、現行のETL(IBMData Stage)の分析及び新ETLへの移行をサポート頂けるETLのエキスパートを探しております。

Key Responsibilities:

  • 現行システムの分析、ドキュメント化を行いステークホルダーへ報告
  • 各アプリケーションホルダーとコミュニケーションを行い、あるぴケーション及びデータフローを把握する
  • 現行ETLアプリケーションのリバースエンジニアリング
  • ETL開発者向けにマッピング図とドキュメントを作成する

Technology Skill set required:

  • ETLツールを用いたプロジェクトの経験(Informatica, Datastage 等)
  • RDBMS及びSQLを用いた経験
  • データウェアハウスプロジェクトの経験があれば尚可
  • シェルスクリプトの経験があれば尚可
  • 日本語もしくは英語が流暢である事



Posted on:

March 10, 2020

Experience level:

Experienced (non-manager)

Education level:

Bachelor's degree or equivalent

Contract type: